🌟 Looking back at 2023 – a year filled with growth, joy, and learning as an organizer! Handling the technical aspects of marathons like Wilson Hill Half Marathon, Shilp Aarambh Gift City Run, Valsad Beach Marathon, Kikar Forest Ultra and more has been an incredible journey.
✨ Highlights:
1️⃣ Managed 22 events for 15 incredible clients!
2️⃣ Set a personal record as the race director for the 11 events in a single year. (Total counts 25)
3️⃣ Took charge of courses in 7 events. (Total counts 40)
4️⃣ Race Advisor in 4 events.
5️⃣ Developed 500+ pages of technical content..
6️⃣ Designed maps for over 15 courses.
7️⃣ Secured top positions in 3 Race Director events, recognized among India’s leading races by Mumbai Road Runners from Jan to Oct ’23.
8️⃣ Celebrated the achievements of 1,93,370 thrilled runners!
9️⃣ Covered 41,502KM in total travel.
🔟 Total of 35 trips, south to north, west to east.

A tally of 83 EVENTS accomplished, just 17 more for the coveted century mark!
Grateful for these milestones and eager for what’s ahead! 🏃🏽‍♂️🗺️

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