Surpreet Singh Khalsa AKA Suri Paaji

Surpreet Singh Khalsa, affectionately known as Suri Paaji in the sporting realm, is a distinguished figure whose ardor for running has blossomed into a thriving career within the sports industry. Since 2013, he’s been an integral part of this domain, leaving an indelible mark through his fervor for running and event organization.

For 15 years, Surpreet has notched an impressive record, completing over 50 running races spanning various distances, from half marathons (21.1 km) to Ultra Marathons (100 km). His running odyssey has taken him across India and around the globe, including his notable participation in the prestigious 100 km international running competition in Hong Kong back in 2017.

Surpreet, with a very strong background in sports industry as he worked with market leader, (India’s largest marathon event directory) as their Director of Business Development, single-handedly orchestrated market penetration, positing of website, user engagement and reputation management by using social channels.

Beyond his achievements as a runner, Surpreet has carved a distinctive niche for himself as a race director, route architect, and course measurer in numerous national and international races. His imprint is visible in over 85 races across the past decade, where he’s taken on pivotal roles, showcasing his expertise as a technical official, technical director, and advisor for various distance-running events.

Surpreet’s multifaceted involvement in the running community speaks volumes about his commitment and expertise. His journey from a passionate runner to a key figure in event management underscores his dedication to both the sport and the meticulous orchestration behind successful races.

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