Become A Unity Run Slam Champion 2024-2025

For All Running Enthusiasts In Gujarat!

Prepare for the Unity Run Slam, the ultimate running adventure! 🌟 

Unity Run Slam promises an unforgettable journey through Gujarat’s most iconic cities. 🏙️💪

  • A runner must participate in and complete the designated feature running events, beginning with the Uffizio Valsad Beach Half Marathon on March 10, 2024.
  • To earn the title of Unity Run Slam Champion, a runner must complete the following feature events and distances.
Event Name Event Date Event Location Distance
18 August 2024
Wilson Hill, Dharampur
Half Marathon, 10 Miles (16Km)
22 September 2024
Half Marathon
15 December 2024
GIFT City, Gandhinagar
Half Marathon
30 March 2025*
Tithal Beach, Valsad
Half Marathon

*Date subject to change

  • A runner can begin their Unity Run Slam cycle by participating in any of the 4 feature events and then completing the subsequent three distance  running events

> Valsad – GIFT City Cycle

> Wilson Hill – Valsad Cycle

> Bharuch – Wilson Hill Cycle

> GIFT City – Bharuch Cycle

  • To complete the Unity Run Slam Cycle, a runner must finish all four consecutive races. If any race is missed, the runner must start over and complete all four feature events without a break.


  1. Dry Fit T-Shirt: A specially designed dry fit t-shirt 
  2. Memento: Awarded to all finishers who complete all four races 
  3. Digital Certificate: A specially designed certificate will be emailed to you

Terms and Conditions

  1. To join the Unity Run Slam, a runner must register individually for each of the four events consecutively. They must follow the event rules and pay the required fees for each event. No separate registration is needed for the Unity Run Slam. (Participant’s personal details must remain the same for all four feature events.)
  2. After verification, the names of the successful finishers for each Unity Run Slam cycle will be announced 4-6 weeks after the cycle ends.
  3. Each runner’s Unity Run Slam cycle starts with the first feature race they register and complete, beginning with the Uffizio Valsad Beach Half Marathon event on March 10, 2024. A runner can participate in only one Unity Run Slam cycle, covering their first to fourth consecutive events. Successful finishers will be notified individually via email.
  4. Unity Run Slam rewards will be sent to eligible participants 10 weeks after each cycle is completed.
  5. KhelDwar reserves the right to change the terms of the Unity Run Slam at any time. 
  6. KhelDwar’s decision on the successful finishers of the Unity Run Slam is final and binding for everyone.

Participants may contact us at 

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